Technologies Used


The Client's Need

Testmunk is an automatic mobile application testing suite. The startup behind it is a graduate from the prestigious y-combinator startup accelerator. 

Testing is one of the most important parts of the mobile application development process and it has been getting harder by the day due to the fragmentation in the mobile market. Developers usually need to run their test cases on multiple devices which turns out to be a huge time drain. 

Testmunk wants to automate this process. Their goal is to have the developers upload their applications to testmunk, specify their test cases and get a report on how the application performed on a variety of devices.

Mashhood [recurship’s technical lead] is a very talented software developer. As I started my startup in London we hired Mashhood because he was best in class. Fortunately he was the perfect fit. Mashhood is very easy to handle, has very strong communication skills and is always eager to learn new technologies and languages. Therefor he matured in the 18 months to a very good full-stack engineer both on the web as well as on the iOS site.
— Markus Jura - Software Engineer @ Lightbend

Crafting the Ideal Solution

We were involved with everything in this project that range from implementing front-ends, managing our Scala backends, working on the Mac app to modifying the Calabash iOS framework, and writing Bash and C scripts for testing and deployment.

We were also responsible for setting up the device server which would run multiple tests on devices. The server was setup with scalability in mind. 

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