Technologies Used


The Client's Need

ICPlan is a web application that helps companies communicate effectively within themselves by providing a platform for communication and task management.  

When ICPlan came to us, they were missing critical features that was holding them back from pushing the final version of their application out. We quickly ironed out their bugs and implemented the required feature set to launch the product. 

We hired Recurship to overhaul and extend our SaaS application and quickly established a very productive long-term work relationship. It’s not just this team’s technical skills – which are at a very high level – that we value highly, but also the solution-oriented mindset of their developers and the ability, to see things from the client’s perspective and help find the best solution.
— Christoph Ruedt

Crafting the Ideal Solution

We added the ability to create users on the application and also improved their existing dashboard by introducing new ways of filtering and sorting the data. Furthermore, we introduced different filtering criterion through which they could filter their projects. The rest of the work included numerous [both UI and backend] that were left unattended in the previous development cycle. We also created documentation for the entire project [it previously didn't have any] to make it more maintainable in the future.

The product is now in beta stage and we are providing them support on a continuous basis. 

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