Bittask for Bitbucket


Bittask is a simple chrome extension which converts your Bitbucket issues into a Trello style list. Manage your issues by simply dragging and dropping between stacks, and have it all synced within your team. No need to use a separate project management tool.

Simply get started by installing the application from the Chrome Store and then visiting the repository issues on Bitbucket which you want to work on. By clicking the "Enable Bittask" button it will generate the first stack for you and put all your issues in there. You can create as many stacks as you want using the "+ Create Stack" button on the top right. You can also rename or delete your stacks later on.

The position and stacks get shared across anyone also using the extension, so you can use this as part of your team. The updates are not yet realtime, so you will need to refresh the page to see the latest changes. 

Download from Chrome Store



  • Are my issues being synced on your server? How did you get access to them?
    • We are only storing meta-data (position and stack) on our servers with just the issue numbers (just the number e.g. #23) and a hashed ID. Everything else remains on Bitbucket's server or is cached locally on your machine. We access the issues using your Bitbucket session so all calls are authenticated.
  • I can only see my open / new issues, where are the rest?
    • This application only shows the new / open issues. In order to access rest of the issues you will need to disable this plugin (don't worry your stacks and positions will not get deleted). We will be adding support for all types of issues in near future.
  • I have deleted an issue but I can still see it in my stack. How do I remove it?
    • This is a limitation in the app, you can remove the issue by using the "Refresh Issues" button which will fetch the latest information from the server.
  • Can I use this together with my team?
    • Yes! The meta data is synced over the cloud so everyone just needs to install this extension and enable it on this repo.
  • Is my activity being tracked?
    • Yes, we are using Google Analytics for tracking. In our later versions we will have the ability to opt out. All events are tracked anonymously and no issue data is sent to Google Analytics.


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