We are javascript domain experts 

We are a consulting team with expertise in Angular, Angular2 [with TypeScript], Ionic(2) & NodeJS [Koa2 + ES6] that can help you build the next generation products for your upcoming startup or your established business. We use bleeding edge technologies and lean methodology to quickly build out your web applications using rapid user feedback. We also assist your team migrate to the modern web and utilize lean processes.


Scale Your Team

Looking for some experienced Javascript experts? Is your current team moving too slow, causing a lot of bugs? We can help by adding our expertise in building cross platform web applications and upgrading your development process.

Build a MVP

We are all about lean methodology and rapid user feedback. Our prototype / MVP iterations around usually 2-3 weeks of focused development with the client, complete will integrated analytics to create the feedback cycle and build the right product.

Policy In Practice, UK

Angular2 - NOdeJS

Policy in Practice had a requirement for an application that would communicate information to people about the benefits due to them by the UK government. It also explains to them how much better off they would be in work as compared to receiving government support.

ICPlan, UK


ICPlan is a web application that helps companies communicate effectively within themselves by providing a platform for communication and task management.  It is designed for telecoms industry in line with their processes and systems in place.


What the People Say

Recurship has been the technical architect behind our benefit calculation software, and it has been great to see this team grow, as our company has itself grown. Their responsiveness and attention to detail puts many UK based companies to shame, and their focus on systems has lead to measurable margin improvements in our business.
I would recommend Recurship to any company looking for an outsourced technical capability.
— Deven Ghelani - Director @ Policy in Practice


playThinks are our weekend projects. Apps we built to solve the burning problems in our workflow. Learn More.

Its all about the learning

Contributing to open source helps with understanding different products, participate in different discussions and learn awesome technical details. We are active in our local and international community!