Introduction to async / await with Koa2

Async / Await is one of the most awaited features of Javascript, which is already available under the harmony flag on V8 engine. However there are full fledge Node frameworks already around it. KoaJS2 is one of the upcoming frameworks, created by the the developers who made the very popular Express framework. Since Express has now been sold to Strongloop (which got bought by IBM), there is no word on the new version of Express. But Koa is definitely here already and its super amazing...

How to focus amongst all the noise

Once you are done configuring your different services on your first day at work, you will quickly notice one of their more annoying aspects; notifications hitting your Gmail inbox and desktop from all the different services - Slack, Asana, Bitbucket etc. You will be receiving messages in Slack, getting tasks assigned on Asana and given feedback in Bitbucket. Loop in channels like #procrastination and #food-guftugu and one can spend all day being disturbed by these notifications.

How I started using Asana

I joined Asana back when it was a fairly new service, I have been unable to start using it properly. The main problem for me was desktop access, opening Asana again and again is slow, and keeping a pinned tab is annoying and difficult to find. What I really needed was a small native app, which could at least show me the tasks quickly (optimally a small widget on screen) and let me do the basic updates (completion / comment) without opening the main Asana website.