Web technologies to watch for at Google I/O 2017

Hello all!

Google I/O 2017 wrapped up last week and loads of awesome sessions were posted on Youtube following it. I spent some time going through the sessions related to the web technologies. There has been massive development in the last few years in the web space, and things are not slowing down. These I/O sessions give us the glimpse of the technologies which are ready to use and how to utilising them. Personally I have had my eyes on Progressive Web apps, Web Components and Firebase for a while now and this year each one of them got massive upgrades. 

If you are planning to stick with the latest and greatest - these are the ones to watch!

Future, Faster: Unlock the Power of Web Components with Polymer


Using Web Components with Angular


Developer Tooling for Web Components


Great Progressive Web App Experiences with Angular


DevTools: State of the Union 2017




Bonus session [a peek into the future]:

Compiling for the Web with WebAssembly



Did you find something even better related to the web? Lets us know at hello@recurship.com!