Immutable Data Structures for Functional JavaScript

Functional programming is used when implementation of imperative and object-oriented programming starts to become a headache. In functional programming, programs are conceived as just pure functions, meaning that they compute the same output always for the same input. Side effects like changing things in the console or global state are not relatable in functional programming. In fact, they are simply used to take data in, transform the data and send the data out.

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Angular Form Control: Redux Edition

There are several reasons why it is required to integrate redux in to the forms. Firstly, it lowers the
maintenance costs of the form setups on large scale applications from moving form setups out of the components, which can be very helpful when dealing with a lot of forms like in enterprise projects. It centralizes the form data and makes it easier for abstractions or common operations...

Angular takes on Web Components

Because of Angular’s vast capabilities, the developers are looking for additional web related work that can be done through it. Angular could be required to use for enhancement of static web pages. This is done through AngularJS already on some websites. The HTML pages are written then AngularJS and Bootstrap is used to provide enhancement in the code. It's unfortunately not available in the newer version of Angular. Angular Elements is hopefully expected to change that.

Testing Strategies in Angular

There are lots of different libraries available for writing tests, several ways to run them, lots of different frameworks that are available and our goal is to give you a good set of defaults with our tools like CLI, and with our test repositories, but we want them to be flexible. If you feel that such tools are easy, you can work with them.

Demystifying RxJS

What is RxJS and how crucial addition it is to reactive programming? Well lets find out in this detailed article about it. RxJS is more than 9 years old (yes its true!) and when it came most of us had questions, that had us confused about what it really is and was it even necessary to have it? So, in this article we will focus on answering these questions.